Sailor Moon Saturday! Watch Sailor Moon R With NEW English Voices

While you’re waiting to watch Sailor Moon Crystal….in about an hour or so let us remind you that Neon Alley is the place to watch the classic 90’s anime.   Read more… →

Inuyasha The Movie 4 : Fire On The Mystic Island Moves to Neon Alley

  Yeah, that’s right Inuyasha The Movie 4 : Fire On The Mystic Island is here on Neon Alley.  Though I’ll let you in on a really important detail.  Its only Read more… →

Let’s Go To The Mushroom Temple: This Week On Ranma 1/2!

NEW TODAY ON RANMA 1/2: EPISODE 145: Let’s Go To The Mushroom Temple The Tendo house members are poisoned by a mushroom hot pot!  EWWWWW!!!! Then, on EPISODE 146: The Read more… →

D-Frag! Cast Announcements – Day 2!

Day 2 of D-Frag! cast announcements! Here are our RPG character sheets for student council psycho-prez Chitose and REAL Game Creation Club prez Takao. Watch out for Takao’s Takaos casting magic missile, if you know what I mean.       Stay tuned — the main characters will be revealed tomorrow!   By the way, […]