Rover Red Charlie – “I’m a Dog, I’m a Dog, I’m a Dog!”

Fans of Garth Ennis’ incredible Rover Red Charlie are very vocal about the powerful canine drama.  We’ve seen many end of the world epics but none have been as moving as watching it through the eyes of these three four … Continue reading

It’s a Dog’s Life

Garth Ennis is known for hard edged series like Crossed, Preacher, and The Punisher but he has delivered a wide range of stories covering every genre from humor to drama.  In one of his most respected titles Rover Red Charlie, … Continue reading

Coming Next Week: Rover Red Charlie #5

Garth Ennis is known for his imaginative characters and incredible dialogue.  But no one suspected that a series about dogs at the end of the world would be as moving as Rover Red Charlie turned out to be.  It is … Continue reading

Ennis’ Rover Red Charlie Fetches Fans

Garth Ennis, the legendary creator of Preacher and Crossed, delivers a new kind of story today in local comic shops.  Rover Red Charle #1 is the story of three canine best friends at the end of the world.  As human … Continue reading

Garth Ennis Talks Rover Red Charlie

In the October issue of Previews, Garth Ennis’ newest original creation, Rover Red Charlie #1 introduces a band of canine brothers trying to survive at the end of the world.  Well known for his visceral cutting work like Preacher and … Continue reading

Rover Red Charlie New From Garth Ennis in October Previews

Fall is here and with it comes the seasons of tricks or treats.  This October, Garth Ennis, the creator of Preacher and Crossed, delivers a devilish treat in the form of a unique new series called Rover Red Charlie.  This … Continue reading