Osek was of the first generations of elves born on the World of Two Moons after the crash of the Palace of the High Ones. He was born to those scattered Firstcomers and lived her early years close the site of the accident.
Like his age-mates and best friends Ekuar and Mekda was a rock-shaper. The bold trio made a devastating mistake when they went on a quest to rediscover the Palace. Though an ice age was setting in and the Palace was slowly being engulfed by a glacier, the young elves successfully located the ancient dwelling.


Jackwolf Rider

Wolf Friends
Skimsand, Sandflea

Dodia is a Sun Villager who joined Dart’s band of Jackwolf Riders, who hunted for and protected the village. Calm under pressure and disciplined, she left the village to aid the Wolfriders during the Siege at Blue Mountain. After that adventure she celebrated with Skot, but her spirit of celebration was short-lived when her jackwolf Skimsand challenged Skywise’s wolf Starjumper to a bloody, fatal fight.
She returned to the Sun Village and was later mortally wounded in the Go-Backs’ attack.