News & Reviews – 4/25/15Oni Press Open Submissions…

News & Reviews – 4/25/15

Oni Press Open Submissions Guidelines are here!

comicsalliance interviews our editorial team about open submissions with in-depth answers to many of your questions.

Terrible Lizard writer cullenbunntalks to Diamond about working in comics, FCBD and a girl and her T-Rex.

Colorist nathanfairbairn discusses his process in coloring the Scott Pilgrim series, with the final Volume 6 now in stores.

Bryan Lee O’Malley speaks with cbr about revisiting and remastering Scott Pilgrim for the sixth color volume.

The A.V. Club applauds zandercannon for giving Kaijumax “genuine drama and heart.”

Thanks to stickergiant for all their hard work on our Scott Pilgrim V6 Collector’s Edition stickers!

Meteor Men, Mermin Vol 3 and Booger Beard are all recognized with Eisner nominations!

Read the first 8 pages of Kaijumax #2 on Bleeding Cool!

Meteor Men, Mermin Vol 3 and I Was The Cat have all been…

Meteor Men, Mermin Vol 3 and I Was The Cat have all been recognized for Eisner nominations!