Bleep Podcast: Why Salt Lake Comic Con is awesome

(Deseret News) SALT LAKE CITY — I spent three days at the 2017 Salt Lake Comic Con. It was an amazing experience. In this SLCC episode, I interview one of the founders, Dan Farr, about what he was looking forward to this year. Then I talk with some of the awesome, dedicated cosplayers who make […]

Deseret News: How fandom connects a community and improves lives

(Deseret News) SALT LAKE CITY — Ryan Glitch is Jedi master — of matchmaking. As a huge “Star Wars” fan hailing from upstate New York, Glitch is the first to admit that fandom has had a tremendous impact on his life. Now, Glitch and a group of friends have spent the past five years using […]

Deseret News: Why Disney Pixar voice actor Jess Harnell loves Salt Lake Comic Con

(Deseret News) SALT LAKE CITY — Comic conventions typically seek to invite a new group of guests each year, but one repeat guest Salt Lake Comic Con fans continue to request year after year is voice actor Jess Harnell.  And the love is reciprocated. Harnell — who is known for voicing Wakko Warner from “Animaniacs,” […]

Deseret News: Salt Lake Comic Con seeks balance in its 5-year anniversary

(Deseret News) SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake Comic Con packed in fans to close out the state’s annual comic and pop culture gathering Saturday, a larger and smoother-run version of the event that burst onto the scene five years ago. With about an hour left in the day, Dan Farr, Salt Lake Comic Con […]

Deseret News: Comic Con’s wonder women: Female fans form nearly half of event’s base

(Deseret News) SALT LAKE CITY — When Salt Lake’s homegrown geek and pop culture convention comes to town, one thing is clear looking at the bustling convention floor, the lines of fans flooding through the doors and the staffers working behind the scenes. They may not have superpowers, but female fans form an impressive league, […]

Deseret News: Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood coming to Salt Lake Comic Con

(Deseret News) SALT LAKE CITY — Next month, local fans of the Lord of the Rings films will have the opportunity to see the hobbit who “changed the course of the future.” Salt Lake Comic Con announced Monday that actor Elijah Wood will join the September 2017 event, according to a press release. Wood joins an […]

Deseret News: For Salt Lake Comic Con fans, semiannual nerd convention is an extended family

SALT LAKE CITY — For many, being a fan of Salt Lake Comic Con events is like being part of a family.  In some cases, it’s literal. Kaylynn Wolfe, an elementary school teacher from Clearfield by day and costumed marvel by night, credits Utah’s semiannual nerd conference (at least indirectly) with creating a new hobby […]