Funimation and TOHO premiere first My Hero Academia movie at Anime Expo 2018!


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Conventions 2016: Ringing in the New Year at Ikkicon!

The Funimation Conventions Team- Tara, Tim, Alex and Scott- is ringing in the New Year of 2017 at Ikkicon in Austin, Texas! See below for all of the panels, screenings, deals and more that they’re bringing in!     PANELS   Funimation Industry | Saturday, December 31st | 5:00pm | Panel Location: Main Programming (Glass Oaks) From Akira to […]

Conventions 2016 – Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con

    Hey everyone, we’re bringing the anime party to Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con! Ready for deals, panels and photo ops? Well Tara, Scott, and Alex have got you covered this weekend at the LA Convention Center!     PANELS   Funimation Favorites | Saturday, Oct 29th | 11:00a – 11:50a | Room […]

Conventions 2016 – AkibaFest!

Hey LA friends and fans, join Tara and Scott as they head to the very first AkibaFest, presented by our friends at Aniplex, in Little Tokyo this weekend! With panels, screenings, and photo ops — it’s sure to be a fun time! PANELS – Big Tent Panel Room   Funimation Industry Panel | Saturday, October 15 […]

Conventions 2016 – We’re heading to NYCC

The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. New York. From Broadway to Time Square, this iconic city doesn’t do anything in small proportions which is why we’re bringing a GIANT line-up with us to New York Comic Con this year. From towering Titans, to the colossal king of monsters himself, Godzilla; we’re pulling out […]

Conventions 2016 – Anime Weekend Atlanta

Funimation is headed to Atlanta for one the biggest anime conventions of the Southwest, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and we’re bringing panels, booth deals, and more. Welcome Tara, Tim, Scott, Alex, and Godswill for a packed weekend! And be sure to check out all of the screenings at the bottom because there are a lot!   […]

Conventions 2016 – Matsuricon Full Activities Page

Come aboard and bring along all your hopes and dreams for Matsuricon! Funimation convention manager, Tara, is coming up to Ohio to give the fans big booth deals, prominent panels, and plenty of One Piece adventure! See the specific One Piece activities on this page!     PANELS   Funimation Peep Show (18+) | Friday, August 19th […]

Conventions 2016 – AnimeFest & Otakon!

It’s a convention double-header this weekend with our team splitting up between Otakon in Baltimore, MD and AnimeFest in Dallas, TX!  You can catch Justin & Tara at Otakon this weekend; or say hi to Tim, Scott, Alex, Lauren & Godswill at AnimeFest!  No matter which con you’re at, we’ve got a lot of fun […]

Conventions 2016 – One Piece Adventures at Matsuricon

Come aboard and bring along all your hopes and dreams for Matsuricon! Funimation is teaming up with Matsuricon to make a treasure-filled experience that celebrates One Piece. See the details below for information on the special panels that we have lined up and the special guests that are coming on the cruise!       […]

Conventions 2016: Otakuthon!

No convention marathon would be complete without the one and only Otakuthon! Our incredible conventions team is hitting the road again to bring the anime fun up North to Montreal, Canada! Come say hello to Tara and Tim at our booth or any of the following panels:     PANELS Funimation Industry Panel | Friday […]

Conventions 2016: Crashing in on Comic-Con!

Summer conventions continue, and this one is a biggie! We’re packing our bags for the one, the only, Comic-Con International: San Diego! Arguably the biggest and baddest of US fan expos, Comic-Con has a lot to offer — and so do we! Check out everything we’ll have going on in sunny San Diego this week! […]

Conventions 2016 – Blowing Into Anime Midwest

Right on the heels of Anime Expo, we’re heading up to the Windy City of Chicago for Anime Midwest. Welcome our conventions staff, Tara and Tim, as they’ll blow you away with panels and great booth deals!   PANELS Funimation Peep Show (18+) | Friday, July 8th | 10:30pm – 11:50pm | Panel Location: Panel Room 5 […]

Special Worldwide Sneak Peek – English Dub Premiere of Tales of Zestiria the X, Only at Anime Expo!

If you’re at Anime Expo this weekend, we have a very specially premiere event, nearly unprecedented for any convention screening, that you won’t want to miss!   An exclusive sneak peek at the English dub for Tales of Zestiria the X, episode one — only at Anime Expo! Based on the hit Japanese RPG, this premiere comes […]

My Hero Academia at Anime Expo 2016

My Hero Academia is taking over Anime Expo 2016 and we’re here to celebrate it! The ultimate class of heroes-in-training are making their way to Los Angeles as well as the creators of the anime, voice actors, and of course Funimation staff. See below to what’s going to be at the convention.       […]

Conventions 2016 – Going Big at Anime Expo 2016

We’re heading to Anime Expo, the largest North American anime convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center, on July 1st-4th and we’re bringing heroes, singers, parties, and big announcements! We’re bringing a bunch of Funimation staff for this one, including Justin, Lauren, Tara, and Godswill, and you can be sure that we’ll have a full schedule […]

Conventions 2016: A-Kon!

It’s been a crazy few weeks of travel, but the Funimation convention crew is back in our hometown for our biggest local anime convention of the year: A-kon!  This convention is a special one for us, and we could not be more excited!  Stop by our booth, Funimation Lounge, or any of our panels and […]

Conventions 2016 – Going Up to Animazement and Anime North

This weekend, Funimation employees are flying up through North America to make it Anime North in Toronto, Canada and to Animazement in Raleigh, North Carolina. We’re bringing panels, screenings, good booth deals, and the fun! Please welcome Tara to Anime North and welcome Tim, Alex, and Godswill to Animazement.       ANIME NORTH PANELS […]

Conventions 2016 – Heading to Anime Central!

Hey Illinois, we’re heading your way for more than just the deep dish pizza — our crew is hitting the road for Anime Central! Here’s what Justin, Lauren, Tara, and Alex have planned for the weekend:     PANELS Funimation Favorites | Friday May 20th | 9:00p – 10:00p Join Funimation staff as we take a […]

Conventions 2016 – On the Road to AniMinneapolis!

Get ready Minnesota, because the Funimation crew is bringing anime goodness to AniMinneapolis (say that five times fast)!  Join Tara and Tim this weekend for a huge line-up of events:   PANELS Funimation Industry Panel | Panel Room 1 | Friday, May 6 | 5:30pm – 6:45pm From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news, […]

Conventions 2016 – Making a Turn to Anime Detour

Funimation is making a right turn by going to Milwaukee for Anime Detour! Tara (@paraparatara), Tim, and Godswill (@GeneralG23) aren’t going to make any wrong turns getting there as they’re bringing the deals, the panels, and the parties chicken nuggets!       PANELS     Funimation Industry | Friday, April 22nd | 6:30pm – 8:00pm […]