Come see us at SDCC! 👋 We’re sharing a booth with our…

Come see us at SDCC! 👋 We’re sharing a booth with our distributor: 

Tor Books/Seven Seas Entertainment Booth #2701 

Conventions 2017: Back 2 C2E2!

If you’re in the Chicago area, you don’t want to miss out on Tara, Tim, Scott, and Alex have in store for you!

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Love is like a box of Vertical Book

New Releases FukuFuku: Kitten Tales, 02 by Konami Kanata To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts, 04 by MAYBE Devils’ Line, 05 by Ryo Hanada CardFight!! Vanguard, 07 by Akira Itou For the month of February, we at Vertical turned our focus … Continue reading

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You’re Gonna Fall for These Hits

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Summer Blockbusters

Summer is full of big big franchises! Full of action, excitement and tension these works tend to be memorable and often big budgeted. Vertical may not have the biggest budgets to blow, but it does have some big names. And … Continue reading

Catch Magnetic Press at C2E2 2016!

This weekend is C2E2, Magnetic Press favorite hometown convention held every year in Chicago, IL. We will be there in full force, with TONS of special goodies! We’re easy to find at C2E2 — booth #537 is a straight shot down the aisle from the Hall Entrance! (If you reach the Live Stage, you’ve gone…