This Week in Josh Simmons Events

Hitting up the Eastern seaboard, Josh Simmons is making his way from Michigan, to Columbus, New York, and Maine all this week. See map for details:


(Map approximate to distance and my rudimentary geographical abilities)

Tuesday, May 12th

Columbus, OH – Kafe Kerouac has hosted some great comic events over the past few years, and this one will be no different! Joining Josh will be cartoonist JT Dockery who’ll be signing copies of his comics along side Josh. Music by Sunshine Ears will accompany them. They’ll both be giving short talks, and Josh will be presenting his short videos as well! Doors open at 8 PM for this evening event. Get more details on the FB page!

Thursday, May 14th

Baltimore, MD – Comics potlatch has a cool ring to it! You and a bunch of cartoonists ranging from local to international get together for a pop-up style convention where you bring comics to sell and trade with others. Josh Simmons as well as Conor Stechschulte will be there selling books and art, and having fun! Takes place at The Crown beginning at 9 PM. If you don’t have your own comics to sell or trade, don’t worry, just bring some green to give people for their own wares. 


Friday, May 15th

Brooklyn, NY – Our good buddies at Bergen Street Comics are doing it up this week with a full spread of fun. With a musical accompaniment, provided by experimental artists Sunshine Ears, cartoonist Josh Simmons brings a multi-media experience to Bergen Street Comics including a short talk, screening of 3 videos ranging from parody to horror, and a signing of Black River to follow. The good times kick off at 7 PM

Sunday, May 17th

Portland, ME – Casablanca Comics is hosting a great one day show in Portland (no, the other one) with a diverse line-up of comics creators for Maine Comics Arts Festival, or MeCAF. Chip Zdarsky, Box Brown, and Dan Parent are among their guests, and so is Josh Simmons and Hans Rickheit! Holding it down for Fanta, they’ll be selling their books and various art fares. It’s only 5 bones to get in, or free if you’re under 12! If you are under 12 and reading this blog, make sure you go pick up the books Black River and Cochlea and Eustachia, but maybe don’t show your parents.  The show is from 10-5 PM for one day only, so go early and stay all day!

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