Digital manga fans, we have even more of our books available on…

Digital manga fans, we have even more of our books available on ComiXology Unlimited now! If you’re not familiar with Comixology Unlimited, you can learn more here!The Sacred Blacksmith Vol. 1Young Miss Holmes Vol. 1Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol….

New ElfQuest Show Podcast: San Diego Comic-Con Comixology Panel

In this special episode of the ElfQuest Show podcast, David interviews Comixology’s Tia Vasiliou, a long-time fan who helped put together the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 panel entitled “ElfQuest: An Intimate Conversation with Wendy and Richard Pini.”
Download the episode or listen to it below to hear how this panel came to be, what questions Tia and her panel co-host Matt Kolowski asked, and Tia’s reactions to the Pinis’ responses. Also, learn how to get ElfQuest on Comixology and what the platform has to offer.

When will My Monster Secret be available on Kindle? Why is it that everything goes to Bookwalker first?

All seven volumes of My Monster Secret are now available on Kindle and Comixology, we’re happy to say!

Generally, ALL our ebook retailers (Kindle/Comixology, Bookwalker, Nook) get our files at the same time, but they put them up on their own schedules. BookWalker usually releases them fastest, if you’re looking for the hottest releases ASAP.

We’re thrilled to announce that our original webcomics…

We’re thrilled to announce that our original webcomics from are now available on ComiXology Unlimited! 

Check out anything on our comiXology publisher’s page with the UNLIMITED banner. 👍

Our entire webcomic backlist is now live there, including:


Glorious Digital Books!

This week’s digital releases are crazy good and there’s plenty of them, so no time to waste . . . We’ll kick off this week with Love and Rockets Vol. IV #3. The Locas girls’ punk reunion has come to a close, but the evening has just begun. The Animus situation has gotten out of…

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ComiXology New Releases

ComiXology New Releases:


What’s new in comics this week? Grab a milkshake and check out the weekly releases list!


For you ebook fans!

Digital Translations and More Backlist Titles!

This week’s digital releases feature translated comics from Italy and the Netherlands, as well as plenty of backlist wonders to tide you, and your tablet, over for the week. And away we go… Zanardi presents the work of Andrea Pazienza to English-speaking audiences for the very first time. Pazienza portrays a lost generation of late…

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