News & Reviews – 4/4/15Comixology sale on The Life After and…

News & Reviews – 4/4/15

Comixology sale on The Life After and The Bunker all weekend! $0.99 issues, $5 TPBs

Indie hip-hop legend adamwarrock drops his musical vision of Hellbreak and Kaijumax!

Rick and Morty has escaped into the world! Find out where you can get issue #1 and which covers are available.

Rick and Morty “writer Zac Gorman…has a steady grip on original creator Dan Harmon’s vision and style of humor.”

Rick and Morty “…perfectly recreates the design of the show.“

Zac Gorman on the comicalpodcast talks bringing the humor of Rick and Morty to comic form.

Show creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland will be signing Rick and Morty #1 at meltdowncomics on April 12th at 5 pm