Vic Carrabotta

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Dexter Vines

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Daniel Dulizky

Daniel Dulitzky is a visual development artist, illustrator and 3D generalist. He is passionate about art, storytelling and learning new styles and techniques. His work consists Read More …

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Steve Lydic

Steve Lydic is a working pinup and sketch card artist. He has worked on trading card sets, Topps, Star Wars Galactic Files 2, Walking Dead Read More …

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Al Milgrom

Al Milgrom is a comic book writer, penciller, and editor known primarily for his work with Marvel Comics over the years. He’s known for his Read More …

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Jeremy Bastian

Jeremy Bastian is the creator/writer/artist/hand letterer of Cursed Pirate Girl. He is a Michigan native and has been an artist alley regular at Motorcity Comic Con since 2003. Motorcity Comic Con was the first comic convention Jeremy attended back in his elementary school days. A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he has been […]

Jeremy Treece

15+ years making comics for various comic book companies, and illustrations for other media outlets. Creating Crisishour Productions with his wife and fellow creator Lisa Treece, they set to rule a small portion of the world with their creator owned ti…

Diana Stein

Heck, she’s been around doing art for years! Nominated for Hugos, more than 10 cons a year, published here and there. Michigan Native. Has the Longest running D&D game by a female GM in the world (well, this would be a place to brag). Come se…

Sketching Time Productions

We welcome back the talented Tracey Watkins with Sketching Time! From a young age Tracey Watkins has had a love affair with paper and pencils. All of his work has been captured traditionally on an 18 by 24 inch scale. Tracey’s work has caught the attention of officers in the Pentagon, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and […]

N3 Art

Nolan Nasser is an avid player, artist, and publisher of board games. His passion for gaming fuels his passion for art and creation.

Karen & Darrin Team B Creative

Karen & Darrin Brege are a husband/wife, author/illustrator, comedy team. Together they have two best-selling children’s book series out. They have also done voice overs for Hasbro, Universal, Warner Bros. and many radio stations. Karen was been in numerous commercials, was a broadcaster, a copywriter, travelled for Working Woman Magazine and won a Telly Award. […]

Source Point Press

Source Point Press is one of the fastest growing publishers of original comics and novels in the Midwest.

Damon Bowie

Born and raised in the cultural melting pot that is the city of New Orleans, Bowie has been a professional artist since the age of 16. He has worked in the Design and Illustration field in New Orleans for the largest fabricator to the Entertainment Industry in the Gulf South. As Art Director and Chief […]

Olivier Coipel

Olivier Coipel is a comic artist best known for his work on Marvel Comics House of M & Thor and his current run as cover Read More …

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Cantarella Ink

After graduating from Columbia College Chicago, Ali Cantarella self-published her all ages graphic novel, “The Hasty Pastry” and dove into the exciting world of comic conventions around the country. She has since illustrated multiple children’s books (“Monkey and Dragon in The Golden Hour”) collaborated with dozens of Chicago creatives on comic projects (“Eisegesis: Kings and […]


Herofied Art specializes in creating original art based on sci-fi, superheroes and pop-culture icons. Artist & owner, Rob Taylor started his artistic career in traditional portrait photography & graphic design. He now uses his extensive palette of original photographic textures to supplement his bright & unique digital character studies printed on METAL! Offering a unique […]

Erick Gutierrez

Self-taught, Detroit born and raised comic book creator who’s book Max the Inebriated Rabbit is a cross between Roger Rabbit, Ralph Bakshi, and a dash of Bukowski. Erick also writes movies and is currently working on directing his first horror short.

The Chalk Girl

Beth has been drawing since her mom placed a crayon in her hand. Over the years, she picked up passions for drawing, painting, animation, special effects makeup, and fabrication. One day she got bored, decided to chalk up her driveway, and somehow that…

Seth Damoose

Seth is the recipient of the inaugural Gary Reed Independent Creator of the Year Award. Seth is the artist behind titles such as The Tales of Mr. Rhee, Xenoholics, Nightmare World, I HATE Gallant Girl, Brat-Halla, Spook’d and more. Seth is poised…

Craig Boldman

Craig Boldman is a longtime creator for Archie Comics, known best for his more than 100-issue run on the Jughead comic, and for two decades of the Archie syndicated comic strip. Most recently, he is the illustrator of “Search for Spock – A Star Trek Book of Exploration (A Highly Illogical Parody)’ Craig’s latest and […]