Avatar Press New to Digital Comics 5/18/16

These are the new Avatar Press comics coming to digital release on ComiXology and Comic Cavalcade Wednesday 5/18/16: Crossed Badlands #98 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Christos Gage delivers a fiery return story to the world of the Crossed and the … Continue reading

Avatar Digital Comics Available from Comic Cavalcade!

Many of Avatar’s fans love digital comics.  And many have asked for a way to get our digital comics that aren’t DRM restricted or tied to a specific app. You told us you want to be able to download the content and … Continue reading

New York Comic Con Exclusives Available Online at Comic Cavalcade

New York Comic Con was a huge success and Avatar Press enjoyed meeting fans and friends during the event.  If you couldn’t make it out to the show, Avatar did save some copies of the exclusive comic con items which … Continue reading

New Comic Cavalcade Website Unleashed

Comic Cavalcade has long been the online resource for back issue Avatar Press comics.  Now a slick new redesign of the site allows for a better shopping experience and added art, details, and issues for some of the hardest to … Continue reading