Decapitated Dan Goes Deep Into Gravel

Gravel: Combat Magician returns in Previews this month with a new #0 issue that marks the return to that old black magic in January.  Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer created the character in 2001 and have since taken the resident … Continue reading

A Return To Black Magic – Gravel Combat Magician #0

Fans demanded it and Avatar delivers!  One of Avatar’s longest running series returns with an all new series this January and the creator whose fingerprints are all over William Gravel’s adventures returns to a world of violence and black magic. … Continue reading

Wolfer Channels Gravel

There are few indie characters that have had the same longevity that Warren Eills’ Gravel has had.  The series introduced William Gravel – combat magician and hardcore soldier into a world of dark magics and violence.  And from the beginning, … Continue reading