Colorists on Color: The Introduction – Women Write About Comics

Colorists on Color: The Introduction – Women Write About Comics: Interested in becoming a colorist?…

Alan Moore’s Classic Another Suburban Romance

For fans of Alan Moore, there are a few essential projects that you must read – Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and From Hell are at the top of that list.  But the library of his works extends much further than … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 12/17/14

This is the new Avatar Press item in comic shops on Wednesday 12/17/14: Another Suburban Romance TP (Color Edition) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      One of the seminal works from the writer who defined modern comics, ALAN MOORE, is re-mastered for … Continue reading

Alan Moore’s Another Suburban Romance in Color

One of the essential volumes of the Alan Moore library gets a special deluxe color treatment edition bringing this classic B&W tale to vibrant life.  Another Suburban Romance GN is based on Moore’s performance works and is beautifully illustrated by Juan … Continue reading