Our line of classic manga and light novels is coming along…

Our line of classic manga and light novels is coming along beautifully. Now we’re excited to reveal, for the first time ever, some of our newest covers:DEVILMAN: THE CLASSIC COLLECTION Vol. 1 hardcover by Go Nagai. Coming May 2018, pre-order links in…


CAPTAIN HARLOCK: DIMENSIONAL VOYAGE, Vol. 3Story and art by: Leiji Matsumoto and Kouiti ShimaboshiMSRP: $12.99Release date: February 20, 2018UNDERSEA MYSTERIESThe Arcadia has returned to Earth! Harlock and Tadashi infiltrate an underwater pyramid and e…



Story and art by: Leiji Matsumoto and Kouiti Shimaboshi
MSRP: $12.99
Release date: September 5, 2017


In the face of an impending alien invasion by the beautiful and deadly Mazon, the decayed and weakened Earth has little hope of defending itself. While the planet’s corrupt politicians ignore the growing threat, Tadashi Daiba is one of the few people left still willing to put up a fight. He’s just one person, nigh powerless on his own–until he joins the ranks with the greatest space pirate the world has ever known: Captain Harlock! Together with Harlock and his ragtag crew aboard the space battleship Arcadia, they will journey through space, fighting not only the Mazon, but other dark forces that threaten humanity’s existence.

A modern retelling of the classic Captain Harlock saga, for old and new fans alike!

How to Get Into Captain Harlock

How to Get Into Captain Harlock:

A great primer on Captain Harlock! Who’s ready for the manga?! 😆


Okay, everyone! We hope you’re ready for one more brand-new…

Okay, everyone! We hope you’re ready for one more brand-new license, the finale for the week! 🎉 This manga, a genre-defining original, features the CAPTAIN of cool, if you know what I mean. ☠️

Brand-new license: CAPTAIN HARLOCK: THE CLASSIC COLLECTION manga by Leiji Matsumoto! The original manga in hardcover!

We’re thrilled to put this series in your hands at last, with translation by our classics expert Zack Davisson!


Seven Seas Shoots for the Stars with CAPTAIN HARLOCK:…

Seven Seas Shoots for the Stars with CAPTAIN HARLOCK: DIMENSIONAL VOYAGE Manga Series

Seven Seas Entertainment is proud to announce the license of Leiji Matsumoto and Kouichi Shimahoshi’s Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage—an all-new contemporary take on one of the most revered and recognizable characters in science fiction history: the space pirate Captain Harlock!

When Tadashi Daiba’s father is murdered by invaders known as the Mazon, he becomes frustrated in the face of the Earth government’s flippant attitude. Landing himself in prison, Tadashi finds himself invited aboard the battleship Arcadia, controlled by none other than the legendary Captain Harlock. Joining his crew on their journey through space, Tadashi’s future will lead him to confront not only the Mazon, but the many other forces across the universe threatening humanity’s very existence.

“Captain Harlock is both a widely respected character and a personal favorite in the office, so it was no question we wanted this newest series starring the coolest space pirate to ever rule the skies,” says Seven Seas Editor-in-Chief Adam Arnold. “Whether you’re a long time fan or completely new to the character, this latest series is amazingly drawn and exciting to read. This is one series that no reader should miss out on.”

Seven Seas will present the Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage manga series for the first time in print in North America as single volume editions. The first volume is currently scheduled to be released on October 3, 2017 for $12.99 USA / $14.99 CAN.

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