Battle of the Battleships

Kieron Gillen’s fans have been taken on a powerful ride through a violent alternate history in which World War II has taken a terrifying turn. ?With the introduction of the Ubers into the waning days of the war, the death … Continue reading

Comic Shop Spotlight: Uber Vol 1 TPB

As you cruise by the comic shop looking for the newest comics today, take a moment to find Uber in the Trade Paperbacks section.  If you have not been reading this series by Kieron Gillen and Caanan White, you have … Continue reading

Terrifying Second Chapter of Uber Collected

Kieron Gillen’s Uber has been a terrifying glimpse into a dark world where the horror of enhanced human warfare has spun the second World War out of control.  There is no peace or end to hostilities.  Only a grueling and … Continue reading

Uber The First Cycle Revealed on Free Comic Book Day

The biggest comic book party of the year takes place tomorrow May 3rd in local comic shops.  Free Comic Book Day is a celebration of all things comic related and acts as a wonderful entry point for new fans to … Continue reading

Uber #11 Reveals Powerful Changes in War

In comic shops and on ComiXology today, Kieron Gillen’s brutal enhanced soldier World War II title Uber reveals massive events in the unfolding epic.  Hitler’s master plan of launching Battelship Sieglinde into the heart of England causes the startling deaths … Continue reading

Avatar Press New in Comic Shops 3/26/14

The following items are new in comic shops this Wednesday 3/26/14: Crossed: Badlands #50 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The most highly anticipated Crossed story ever is finally here! GARTH ENNIS – the creator of Crossed, returns to the miserable world he created … Continue reading

Uber Vol 1 TPB Arrives 3/26

Kieron Gillen and Caanan White surprised the comic book reading community last year with a new series that removed the fantasy and shiny exterior of stories told in the altered history and super soldier genres.  What they created is an … Continue reading