Conventions 2016 – Feeling the Love at Katsucon 2016

  This Valentine’s Day weekend, Justin, Tim, and Tara are heading to Maryland for Katsucon and they’re bringing the love with some tasty panels and booth deals! Check out the details below for what we have planned for this weekend:       PANELS     Funimation Favorites | Friday, February 12th | 6:15pm – 7:15pm […]

Fear the curse. Free the cube. C3 is coming to home video!

Today we’re announcing home video rights and a brand new release for a series that’s a little… unexpected. Deceptive. Mysterious. Bizarre, even.   C3(aka CubexCursedxCurious) is a lot like its heroine, Fear Kubrick (no relation). It may look sweet, pretty, cute, and innocent, but behind that veneer hides a kaleidoscope of madness, murder, and despair. […]