Double Shot of Crossed in Comic Shops

It’s a Crossed week in local comic book shops as issues of the ongoing Badlands series and the Alan Moore created +100 are on shelves.  Ever since the first issue of Crossed debuted, fans have flocked to the series that … Continue reading

Kieron Gillen Spins Prehistoric Crossed Thriller

Crossed: Badlands #78 arrives in comic shops today and with it a new installment of Kieron Gillen’s masterful tale of two times.  One part is told in the present as a survivor of C-Day has banded together with some soldier … Continue reading

C-Day Arrives in Comic Shops World Wide!

It is the day that Crossed fans wait for all year long.  C-Day, the day Crossed cosplayers descend upon their local comic shops to pick up the new major story arc in Crossed: Badlands and to spread the word about … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to ComiXology 4/15/15

These are the new Avatar Press digital comics available at ComiXology on Wednesday 4/15/15: **Celebrate C-Day!*** Crossed: Badlands #75 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Crossed C-Day 2015 is here!  And to celebrate the event, superstar writer Kieron Gillen (Uber, Wicked & Devine) is … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 4/15/15

These are the new Avatar Press comics arriving in comic shops on Wednesday 4/15/15: **Celebrate C-Day!*** Crossed: Badlands #75 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Crossed C-Day 2015 is here!  And to celebrate the event, superstar writer Kieron Gillen (Uber, Wicked & … Continue reading

Start C-Day With Crossed Vol 12 TP

C-Day is coming up on Wednesday April 15th!  But if you want to prepare yourself for the horror, stop by your local comic shop this weekend and check out Crossed Vol 12!  David Lapham spins another twisted tale in the … Continue reading

Crossed Cosplay on C-Day

Local comic shops everywhere will be celebrating C-Day on April 15th!  Crossed fans will be gathering at their stores to share their enthusiasm for the most frightening uncensored horror comic book being published.  And one of the many traditions of … Continue reading

C-Day One Week Away!

The worldwide celebration of Garth Ennis’ grueling horror series, Crossed begins in local comic shops everywhere next Wednesday April 15th.  Avatar Press is celebrating the occasion with a brand new story arc in Crossed: Badlands by Uber scribe Kieron Gillen … Continue reading

C-Day Celebration Begins with Digital Sale

April 15th is C-Day, the day that comic shops worldwide celebrate Garth Ennis’ grueling horror series, Crossed!  Fans of the the most  terrifying uncensored horror series being published will flock to local comic book stores in their favorite Crossed cosplay … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 4/8/15

This is the new Avatar Press collection coming to comic shops Wednesday 4/8/15: Crossed: Badlands Vol 12 TP & HC PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Garth Ennis’ world of Crossed has become the pinnacle of survival horror in fiction.  David Lapham … Continue reading

C-Day is Coming April 15

They say that only two things are inevitable…death and taxes.  Both collide on April 15th this year as C-Day returns to comic shops and celebrates Garth Ennis’ most horrifying creation.  Fans and cosplayers of the extremely violent series will be … Continue reading

Crossed: Badlands #74 In Stores

The final issue of Crossed: Badlands before C-Day is out in comic shops today.  David Hine revisits Japan to tell a story that spun out of his dark “Gore Angels” tale.  Now the unexpected and violent conclusion to “5 Bloody … Continue reading

T-Minus 4 Weeks to C-Day

April 15th is C-Day, the worldwide celebration day where fans and cosplayers descend upon local comic shops in support of the uncensored world of horror created by Garth Ennis.  It’s a day for enjoying the terror of the crossed and … Continue reading

Ask Your Local Comic Shop About C-Day 2015

Comic shop retailers are wrapping up their orders for Crossed: Badlands #75 right now and making their preliminary plans for what C-Day celebrations they will have.  If you are interested in being a part of this year’s celebration, make sure … Continue reading

Kieron Gillen Comes to Crossed #75

The celebration of this year’s annual C-Day party in local comic shops begins with a new scribe telling a unique story in Crossed: Badlands #75.  This year’s focal point of all things Crossed is a tale told in two times … Continue reading

C-Day 2015 Comic Shop Parties

Now that C-Day has been announced as April 15th, in a few short months Crossed fans will be putting together their best cosplay costumes and descending upon local comic shops for a day of celebrating horror.  Crossed: Badlands #75 will … Continue reading

New in Previews: Crossed: Badlands #75

The February Previews arrives in comic shops today featuring all the exciting new comics due out this April.  Avatar Press celebrates the 2015 C-Day on April 15th with a horrifying new chapter in the Crossed: Badlands saga.  Kieron Gillen, the … Continue reading

Crossed C-Day 2015 is April 15th

Wednesday April 15th, Garth Ennis’ legions of Crossed fans will flock to local comic book shops and book stores to celebrate the fourth annual C-Day.  Avatar Press, publisher of extreme horror comics, designates one Wednesday a year to all things … Continue reading

Final Chapters of Crossed “Thin Red Line” in April Previews

Crossed fans everywhere have been following the story unfolding in Garth Ennis’ C-Day event that began with Badlands #50.  In the pages of each issue we see the first hours of the Crossed plague unfolding and the pieces being put … Continue reading

Crossed: Badlands #50 Ushers in C-Day 2014

It is here…the day that Crossed fans worldwide wait for with maniacal glee.  C-Day is upon us and local comic shops everywhere are preparing for the deluge of Crossed fans that are partying like it is the end of the … Continue reading