Top 7 Shocking Crossed Moments

Garth Ennis’ gruesome world of hedonistic murderers known as the Crossed has set the bar for extreme horror.  Its no-holds-barred approach to the evil that humans are capable of seemingly knows no bounds.  Each new author to step into the … Continue reading

Caliban Scores 4.5 Skulls From Bloody Disgusting

Horror mega-site Bloody Disgusting rated Garth Ennis’ new series Caliban with 4.5 (out of 5) Skulls and called it “a definite must-read for sci-fi and horror fans.”  The review by Jorge Solis walks through Ennis’ motivation to create his own … Continue reading

Christian Zanier Talks Crossed: Badlands #50

As C-Day, March 26th approaches, the excitement around Garth Ennis’ return to the grueling horror franchise he created grows to a fever pitch.  For months the idea of Ennis writing a “patient zero” story and potentially revealing key elements from … Continue reading