Uber #23 Reveals HMH Churchill At Last

The Allies have faced a losing battle attempting to catch up with and surpass the Nazi Uber development and deployment.  They’ve faced enhanced soldier spies and bold moves by Hitler that have shifted the course of the war drastically.  Up … Continue reading

Uber Vol 3 TP in Stores Now!

Kieron Gillen’s masterful altered history tale that introduces super soldiers into the waning days of World War II has captured the imagination of comic book fans everywhere. Uber tells the dark story of extended and escalated world conflict that takes … Continue reading

Battle of the Battleships

Kieron Gillen’s Uber has been redefining alternate history comics for the better part of two years now.  The stark vision of a World War without end has captivated audiences and  created new nightmares for readers to discover.  Everything in the … Continue reading

Uber #16 Delivers New Horrors

Kieron Gillen has created one of the most powerful alternate history horrors in the pages of Uber.  Each issue builds palpable dread as more nations begin to throw invincible soldiers into conventional warfare and the annihilation is utterly devastating.  Now … Continue reading