Summer Reading – War Stories

Summer is here and comic book fans and readers are selecting their favorite trades to take to the beach or to read by the pool.  We’re continuing our line of articles reviewing the best of Avatar Press for just such … Continue reading

Riveting Tales of Battle From Garth Ennis

Garth Ennis’ War Stories delivers a powerful narrative about human nature and conflict that will move you.  In each of his War Stories arcs, we meet the men and women behind the battles and discover their lives and motivations before … Continue reading

Garth Ennis Begins War Stories: Tokyo Club Arc

Garth Ennis is well known for telling gripping stories of battle and war.  New in the August Previews for October on sale, War Stories #13 debuts a new three part tale called “Tokyo Club.”  This is the latest installment of … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 7/1/15

These are the new Avatar Press items coming to comic shops on Wednesday 7/1/15: God is Dead #37 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      It all changes right here! As volume seven of Mike Costa’s epic odyssey starts, everything you know is … Continue reading

Garth Ennis’ War Stories Begin New Chapter

In stores this week, the newest issue of War Stories begins a tale filled with the horrors of battle throughout the ages.  Garth Ennis has created stories that deliver the drama and damage of war while simultaneously capturing the human essence … Continue reading