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James Flames

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1.21 Gigawatts – Created by Tom Mac

We paranormal travellers don’t need roads

Time To Celebrate – Back To The Future Day

October 21st is Back To The Future Day! Welcome to the future! Wait, where are the hoverboards and pizza hydrators? At least we have smartphones, electric cars, and of course time-traveling anime! In celebration of this special day, we’re going to showcase some of our favorite anime with time-traveling themes.     Steins;Gate DeLorean Mail […]

Couple Time Travels To The Future

Husband and wife team Terry and Oliver Holler sat down at a restaurant one night and concocted a grand scheme with a crayon and a paper place mat: Travel into the future to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Years prior in 2001, the Hollers hand-built their very own DeLorean time machine, as seen in [&hellip