Brainmachine Comix

The Brainmachine Comix Dark Grey Invasion Tour is promoting their new comic project, Dark Grey.
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XalamerArt AKA Manny Sanchez. A high school student currently attending Dreyfoos School of the Arts. His passions are design, and video editing (but he is also a huge nerd that loves cons). Manny Read More …

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Ricky Hollywoodz

Ricky Hollywoodz, AKA Ricardo, was born in El Salvador, but raised in Queens New York, home of graffiti and hip hop. He’s been drawing since he was in the 2nd grade and growing Read More …

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Koartss & BrydiaDraws

Koartss & BrydiaDraws are two separate artists coming together in order to bring adorable art to the public! They offer a range of items from stickers to prints and everything in between. Read More …

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Moshi Moshi Watermelon

Moshi Moshi Watermelon is a small South Florida-based group run by three girls; Infected-Ellis, Pandemic Bear, Panchiicake and Yuripaws! We started out in 2014 after realizing our desire to sell all things Read More …

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Indiana Muses

Indiana Muses was established as a way to display art and cosplay projects. They have original artwork and fan artwork that ranges from digital media to traditional paper.  Their cosplays are based upon various fandoms Read More …

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SleepDeprivedChicken is an illustrator and animator who uses his imagination to create art and strives to further develop his craft. Currently, a student starting college soon, he will showcase art prints and Read More …

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