Planning to do @nanowrimo​ next month and need inspiration? You…

Planning to do @nanowrimo​ next month and need inspiration? You can’t beat the classics! 

We’re very proud of our illustrated classics line: the original novels with manga-style illustrations added. Perfect for revisiting these books and getting lovely new art inside them–and great for a loved one reading these books for school!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass: Lewis Carroll’s original prose novels in one omnibus edition, but now featuring beautiful manga-style illustrations with the text. 🐰⏱

Peter Pan: Enjoy J. M. Barrie’s classic novel in our special edition, which includes brand-new, manga-style illustrations inside! 💫⚔️💫

The Illustrated Fairy Tale Princess Collection: Princess lovers, you can’t beat this delightful tome of classic fairy tales, since it includes the text of the original stories AND gorgeous new illustrations. ✨👸✨

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and The Marvelous Land of Oz: Speaking of fairy tales, we’ve also got the American classic! A lavishly illustrated edition of L. Frank Baum’s original novel–including its sequel! 👧🐈🌪

Pride and Prejudice: If you want a little more romance, we’ve got you covered. 💕 We’ve added manga-style illustrations to Jane Austen’s original novel, for you lovers out there~ 💘

Anne of Green Gables: And let’s give it up for this spunky Canadian heroine! Our edition includes delightful illustrations alongside the original text of L.M. Montgomery’s novel! ❤️👒❤️

We have these illustrated classics and more–and STILL MORE on the way! Enjoy, book lovers. 📚💕

ANNE OF GREEN GABLESStory and art by: L.M. Montgomery and Maki…


Story and art by: L.M. Montgomery and Maki Minami
MSRP: $13.99
Release date: September 26, 2017


When Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert decide to adopt an orphan boy to help them tend their farm on Canada’s Prince Edward Island, they are shocked when an eleven-year-old girl is sent to them instead: the spirited and fanciful Anne Shirley. Despite their initial disappointment, the Cuthberts are quickly won over by her charm, spunk, and wit. Follow Anne as she adapts to her new family and finds a place for herself on the island–befriending neighbors, attending school, exploring her adoration for the written word, and using her endless imagination to enchant everyone around her.

Seven Seas Revitalizes Literary Classics with New Line-Up of…

Seven Seas Revitalizes Literary Classics with New Line-Up of Manga Artist Illustrated Novels

Seven Seas Entertainment is pleased to announce the expansion of its line of illustrated classic literary novels with five new titles featuring the original cherished novel text accompanied by black & white and color illustrations from beloved manga artists.

The Secret Garden
Illustrated by prolific light novel artist Shiina Yuu, readers of all ages will be able to revisit the hallowed halls of the Misselthwaite Manor in a new light novel edition of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s beloved The Secret Garden.

Anne of Green Gables
Follow the orphan Anne as she makes a new home on Canada’s Prince Edward Island in a fresh and vivid depiction of Anne of Green Gables by Komomo Confiserie creator Maki Minami.

The Princess and the Goblin
Enter a world of bleak castles, wretched goblins and powerful magic, in this new version of George MacDonald’s classic novel The Princess and the Goblin, now featuring playful illustrations by Japanese manga artist okama.

A Little Princess
In the heartrending hallways of Miss Minchin’s boarding school, orphan Sara Crewe weathers the storm of her new life with kindness and courage in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s well-loved A Little Princess, reinvigorated by Japanese manga and light novel artist Shiina Yuu’s gorgeous artwork.

Meet the young and hopeful Pollyanna Whittier as she brings joy to a dour New England town in the cheerfully illustrated Pollyanna, reimagined by classic shojo-style illustrator Yukawa Kazuno.

Seven Seas will begin releasing these new novel editions in September 2017.

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