Happy New Comic Book Day! On sale today is MOTRO #1  by…

Happy New Comic Book Day! On sale today is MOTRO #1  by Ulises Fariñas with Erick Freitas and Ryan Hill!

MOTRO #1 is available now at local comic book shops, ComiXology, iBooks, and at the Oni Press Shopify store.

Find your local comic book shop with findacomicshop.com or comicshoplocator.com, and add MOTRO to your pull list so you never miss out on an issue!

Preview MOTRO #1 after the jump!

News & Reviews – 8/29/15Thank you for making Invader Zim #2…

News & Reviews – 8/29/15

Thank you for making Invader Zim #2 a huge hit last week!

Near Mint Comic Show talks with Marc Guggenheim about Stringers in a podcast interview!

Blood Feud “Perfectly scratches that Halloween itch.”

Stringers “Evokes classic action movies from the 1980s and 1990s…The art of
Justin Greenwood has…an expressiveness and fluidity that make him a
great match for Guggenheim’s character-driven, action-packed script.”

“I’m sold on Stringers. The characters feel comfortable, the story is interesting, and the action is non-stop.”

We couldn’t have asked for a better, more adorable review of Do-Gooders

Princess Ugg Volume 2 is one of Good Comics 4 Kids’ Weekly Picks!

The first digital issue of Joshua Fialkov’s landmark work Elk’s Run is out now

Elk’s Run “Joshua Hale Fialkov sets
up some interesting characters and a solid mystery and on top of that,
leaves us with an ending twisted enough to make us want to come back for

cbldf and Tweeks highlights Oni’s Sidescrollers, one of YALSA’s Great Graphic Novels for Teens

CBR and Comics Should be Good! on Ares & Aphrodite, “A charming story with very nice art.“

All is not well in suburbia in Alabaster Shadows, from Matt…

All is not well in suburbia in Alabaster Shadows, from Matt Gardner and Rashad Doucet, coming this December! More info:

PORTLAND, OR March 24th, 2015 – Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic
book publisher, announced today Alabaster Shadows, a monster-filled
middle grade graphic novel by newcomers Matt Gardner and Rashad Doucet.
Alabaster Shadows will release on December 9th.

A gorgeous house, a
two car garage, friendly neighbors. Everything’s perfect in Alabaster
Shadows… or so it seems. When Carter and his family move to the
neighborhood, he begins to notice that something horrific lurks under
the surface of this suburban paradise. Worse yet, his child-hating
teacher is in on it! It’s up to him and his friends to confront dark,
Cthulhu-like terrors too frightening for adults to handle!

Rashad Doucet adds, “What can I say about this book… it’s a tribute to
everything we love about big hair, monsters, and kid adventure films
from the 80’s. Also I can’t seem stop myself from drawing giant afros.”

Tedd Naifeh Day arrives with both Princess Ugg #8 and Courtney…

Tedd Naifeh Day arrives with both Princess Ugg #8 and Courtney Crumrin V7 out today! Also grab some badass dinosaur action and complete the trifecta of strong female protagonists with Terrible Lizard #5!