Look! Totoro Is Waiting for Us at the Entrance!

When you walk along Kichijoji Avenue, in the shade of the tall green trees of Mitaka’s Inokashira Park, you come upon a colorful building. Standing in front of a sign that says “Ghibli Museum, Mitaka”, a very large Totoro welcomes you at the entrance. …

Welcome to The Space of Wonder

Look up at the ceiling, and you will find it covered in fresco painting. In the center of a blue sky, there is a shining, smiling sun. Trees stretching up towards the sky are filled with grapes, melons, deliciously ripe fruits, and beautiful blossoms w…

The Central Hall – The Wind Whistles and the Light Shines Through

Here is a towering open space extending up through the entire height of the Museum. In the glass dome at its center, a yellow whale swims in the ocean and the blades of a giant fan rotate overhead. Shining marbles of colored glass are fitted into the i…

A boy’s Room – A Gift From Grampa

This is one of the five rooms on the first floor called “Where a Film is Born”. The room seems to belong to someone who was sketching at the desk just a few minutes ago. The room is filled with books and toys. The walls are all covered with illustratio…

Ghibli Original Short Animated Feature at the Museum Only!

press_poto02.jpgThe Saturn Theater is a small theater in the basement of the Museum with only about eighty seats. There you can watch an original short animated feature from Ghibli, which can only be seen in the Museum’s theatre. A blue sky and lots of colorful flowers are drawn on the ceiling and walls. When the film ends, the windows open and the sunshine comes in. You can sit on a little red bench or the back of a seat to see the big screen without being blocked.
Most of you probably don’t know how a movie is projected. But here the projectionist’s room, which looks like a tiny train car, is transparent, so you can see how film moves through a projector.

(The Theater houses approximately 80 seats)

>>Screening Schedule

The Reading Room “TRI HAWKS” full of our recommended books

TRI HAWKS“TRI HAWKS (a pun on the name of the city “Mi-taka”–literally 3-hawks–where the museum is located)” is the reading room inside the Ghibli Museum. It was created to communicate the Museum’s wish to have children see, touch, and feel strange and mysterious things through books.
Books which are specially recommended by Hayao Miyazaki and the Museum can be found here for children to browse through freely.

【Art Collection of the Ghibli Museum】

Available for sale at the Ghibli Museum, the “The Art Collection of the Ghibli Museum” includes cell art, art print cells, hand painted cells, and woodblock prints of scenes from Studio Ghibli films.

The production of the framed cell art is supervised by the museum’s Executive Director Hayao Miyazaki and the color design is under the direction of Michiyo Yasuda. The woodblock prints are made by Keisuke Miyazaki.

Poof, Boing! The Cat Bus

The Cat Bus is waiting for you in a room on the second floor. It must be everyone’s dream to touch and ride the Cat Bus. In order to make this wish come true, we made a room with an actual Cat Bus. If you remember the Cat Bus from “My Neighbor Totoro”,…

Our Guardian – The Robot Soldier on the Rooftop

From the terrace off the Cat Bus Room, a spiral stairway leads to the roof, and there you will find a grassy rooftop garden. From this lofty post, a serene five-meter-tall Robot Soldier (from “Laputa Castle in the Sky”) looks down on Inokashira Park.