Catch Gigalomania with “Chaos;Child” Special Edition


Dive into the world of Chaos;Child on PS4 or PSVita this year — and if you’re a major fan, go all the way with Rice Digital’s “Gigalomaniac Edition.” The huge box set includes a variety of goods for fans of the Science Adventure series title.


The North American/European special edition will come with a 128-page paperback artbook, a selected works OST, six pinback buttons on a presentation card, and a display box for the set. Also included, of course, is the visual novel in either PS4 or PSVita format.


Chaos;Child follows Takaru Miyashiro as he investigates a serious of murders with dates similar to those six years prior, before the earthquake that killed his parents and changed his life forever. Using the information to deduce the date of the next murder, he enlists help from his school’s newspaper club to get to the bottom of the “New Generation Murders.”



The standard and special editions are both available for preorder in the Rice Digital store. Chaos;Child will be released later this year.


Source: Rice Digital




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