Catch a Fever in ‘Marvel Mighty Heroes’

Despite having just saved the universe, our heroes face a new threat in the Kingpin. DeNA Senior Producer John King dropped by to talk about Wilson Fisk’s newest criminal endeavor and what players will have to do bring him to justice in “Marvel Mighty Heroes”! With “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” on Netflix series dropping last week it’s kinda cool to throw us back onto the streets. We’ve been taking down celestial threats, wading through warped realities for so long it’ll feel good to knock out a couple of ordinary Earth thugs for a change.

John King: Please do not tell my wife, but I binged-watched “Jessica Jones” this weekend and thought it was amazing. Anyhow, with the universe changing and warping around we thought it would be best to bring it back to Earth so we could beat up common crooks for a bit. Can you give us a little taste of what we’re getting ourselves into? I’ve heard that maybe the Kingpin’s involved? As a good guy?

John King: Kingpin is running for Mayor of New York City and appears to be on the up and up. However, Luke Cage and his fellow Defenders know better; they’re looking for dirt to prove their suspicions right. What sort of missions are our heroes embarking on this week? Please tell me we get to bust up some thieves in a dark alley.

John King: Well there will definitely be some thugs and even a couple of mercenaries, but when Daredevil and Elektra are around you know what that means: Ninjas! Daredevil, Elektra, and Misty Knight—if anyone knows the Kingpin and can get to the bottom of whatever he’s plotting, these three can.

John King: Yup, they all have a personal stake in this for sure. Daredevil and Kingpin have been true enemies since DAREDEVIL #170. Elektra was Kingpin’s chief assassin and Misty Knight was affected by Kingpin during her time on the [police] force until now. The Kingpin plays the most dangerous game of chess, he plays with peoples’ lives, but fortunately our heroes know his rules well. Typhoid Mary, she wouldn’t happen to be on Fisk’s payroll would she? Employing a known villain probably wouldn’t be good for the Kingpin’s political career would it?

John King: On Fisk’s payroll? No, he’s turned a new leaf and wants to help the city. Typhoid Mary, obviously, is out causing mayhem by herself. Kingpin would never associate himself with the criminal element. What’s the best way to douse her pyro powers and put her behind bars?

John King: These heroes, especially Daredevil, know Typhoid Mary. She’s dangerous both up close and at a distance. Elektra uses her trusty Sai Thrust to do damage up close, and Misty Knight throws a mean haymaker with her Antarctic Vibranium and diamond bionic arm. And when do we start our next great epic?

John King: The Defenders start this week! Kingpin is out campaigning to win the hearts and minds of a city. Will you be able to cast your ballot of justice to show the people who Kingpin really is?

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