Carlo Barberi Takes the Guardians to Infinity

Dan Abnett and Carlo Barberi plan on bringing plenty of space cases together in GUARDIANS OF INFINITY. The new series launches in December and will focus on a wide range of characters from the original Guardians line-up to the present day team and even a brand new squad known as Guardians 1000.

With so many Guardians—including fan favorites Rocket Raccoon and Groot—Abnett and Barberi will have their work cut out for them, but both creators stand ready for the challenge. Barberi discusses the thrill of working on such varied characters, designing everything from the ground up, and working with Jim Cheung. Jim Cheung designed some of these characters. How was it for you to put your stamp on them?

Carlo Barberi: Jimmy is an amazing artist and I have to say it was awesome to be the first to draw his designs in a comic book. But if I have to analyze deeper and, I have said this before, it has to be the way they behave. For me these characters were new so I didn’t know how to place them in the page, you know, the way they stand, the looks on their faces, even when talking. Dan is doing a great job describing their personalities and after understanding that everything started to flow smoothly How was it taking all of these characters from different eras and making them look like they belong together?

Carlo Barberi: I guess you just go and do it. I think what’s hard about this is the amount of characters you draw in every page, but again in a good way. I love to draw; it’s my passion that’s why I push myself to do this. It is so awesome to open your eyes in the morning and know that your work is the thing you love the most, professionally speaking of course. These characters vary from the natural to the technologically enhanced. What challenges does that range offer you as an artist?

Carlo Barberi: Like I said before, every character has its own life. I guess that’s the challenge in here more than organic or cybernetic, it’s their personality that’s difficult. From a personal note, I have to say I’m lucky because I’m drawing everything that I love in a comic book in GUARDIANS OF INFINITY. Like you said last time you talked to, the process for a cosmic book can take longer because you have to design everything from scratch. Are you enjoying that aspect of the creative process?

Carlo Barberi: Of course, this is one of the many things I love to do as an artist. Since I was a kid I’ve loved drawing everything you can see from cartoons on the TV, my dog, houses, to cars in the street. At some point I decided to start drawing my own things influenced from whatever was the thing I was seeing at the time, like Star Wars, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, Mask, Mazinger, Transformers you name it. And all those cartoons had something different that want it me to re-design or create my own stuff, so yes, I’m having a blast. This book also involves time travel elements. Does that mean you’re working on different designs for familiar characters or concepts that reader will see in the far future or possibly the past?

Carlo Barberi: Oh yes! I have the chance to design a Stonian woman which is a race of space gargoyles and re-design a Rigellian which are a race of space colonizers. These two guys are Guardians 1000 too. And a big structure that’s going to be a part of the Marvel Universe for a while, so yes I’ll be designing stuff as long as I’m working on the book which I must add, is exciting.

GUARDIANS OF INFINITY #1 warps into stores this December, piloted by Dan Abnett and Carlo Barberi.