Boys’ Love Blossoms in “Hana wa Saku ka” Live-Action Film

Hana wa Saku Ka (“Do the Flowers Bloom?), a boys’ love manga by Shoko Hidako about the burgeoning romance between a handsome young art student and an advertising professional, is being adapted into a live-action film that will hit theaters in the Spring season of 2018.



In the film, Tsurugi Watanabe stars as Yoichi Mizukawa, a 19 year old art student who begins a romantic relationship with Kazuaki Sakurai, a 37 year old professional advertising agent, after the two meet at a TV commercial shoot. As the two men grow closer, complications in Kazuaki’s work life threaten to drive a wedge between them.



The original Hana wa Saku ka manga is serialized in Gentosha’s Rutile manga magazine. The Hana wa Saku ka live-action film is directed by Kaori Tanimoto, and it is scheduled to hit theaters in Japan in the Spring season of 2018.



livedoor NEWS via Otakomu


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