Boarding School Juliet Expands Its Ranks with Yoshimasa Hosoya


Shonen school comedy Boarding School Juliet has announced yet another addition to its roster of Shakespeare-inspired students, and Megalobox fans will want to take note.


Joining the cast is Yoshimasa Hosoya, recently the voice of Junk Dog in the aforementioned Ashita no Joe anniversary project. Hosoya will be playing Kento Tosa, a member of Black Doggy House. So far, we know that Kento is a member of the trio known around school as the Three Fools (literally “3-Baka”), and that his favorite food is bananas.


Boarding School Juliet Expands Its Ranks with Yoshimasa Hosoya


Boarding School Juliet is a school anime twist on the story of Romeo and Juliet, in which students from rival countries populate two houses of an elite boarding school. As the Black Doggy and White Cat Houses carry on their rivalry, Romio of the former falls in love with Juliet of the latter.


The series airs in Japan starting in October.


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