Blushing Mahjong Girls Come to Life in New “Saki” TV Spot

Saki, Nodoka, and the whole Kiyosumi High team are here in the first TV commercial for the live-action Saki adaptation.



It’s only 15 seconds long, but we get a glimpse of Saki and Nodoka’s growing friendship, a young Saki in flashback, and what looks like one of the series’s famously OP mahjong moves. What sort of visuals can we expect for tournament episodes? It’ll definitely be interesting to see just how far they go.


In addition, three new cast members have been announced.



Yūki Tamaki (Hakuouki SSL: ~Sweet School Life~) will be appearing as Hagiyoshi, Touka’s butler who escorts Koromo to and from matches.


Blushing Mahjong Girls Come to Life in New


Hinako Sano (Misa in the 2015 Death Note) will play Takako Kubo, the harsh coach of Kazekoshi Girls’ High.


Blushing Mahjong Girls Come to Life in New


And Natsuna Watanabe (girl-type Ranma in the 2011 Ranma 1/2 film) will be playing the Reversal Queen herself, Yasuko Fujita.


The live-action series of Saki starts December 4, with the film premiering in February 2017.


Source: Presidio Movie,




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