“Blue Reflection” RPG Teases Story, Details Character Bond System

Blue Reflection is coming to the west next month, so Koei Tecmo shared a new story teaser along with details on the magical girl RPG’s character bond system. As student-slash-magical-Reflector Hinako Shirai, players will be able to take in a mix of simulation elements—including joining after-school clubs, hanging out on social networks, or just relaxing on their own—and RPG battles. 



Character bonds are one of the most important aspects of the game, especially since Hinako will need to rely on her friends in combat. Some of the ways these friendships can be strengthened include Bond Episodes that take place after class, as well as Date Events that occur at specific places like movie theaters, stores, and so on. Socialization expands Hinako’s options, opening the way for Essential Missions that move the story forward, Important Missions that center on character interaction, and Common Exploration. Complete these missions and your bond will increase with specific characters, boosting experience and unlocking new abilities. 


As for the aforementioned alone time, Hinako can always head home before she takes on another day. At home players will be able to explore the house, learn about Hinako, and browse the handy FreeSpace! app. 



Story teaser: 


Blue Reflection hits PS4 and PC in North America on September 26, followed by Europe on September 29. 


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