Walt Flanagan is an average, everyday comic shop manager… that also does a podcast, is on AMC’s Comic Book Men, has drawn Batman for DC Comics multiple times, appeared in multiple movies and has this third creator-owned series with Bryan Johnson on the shelves now. That’s what happens when you go to high school with Kevin Smith and turned him onto comic books in the first place. Flanagan sat down with Mike Raicht to talk about Cryptozoic Man being published by Dynamite Entertainment. MIKE RAICHT: How did Cryptozoic Man come to life for you guys? WALT FLANIGAN: The Cryptozoic Man design/ idea came from the old 1980s plastic man Saturday morning cartoon. I picked up the entire series on DVD at a close out store for 5 bucks about 2 years ago… on one the episodes plastic man faced off against a villain who was half man half Bigfoot… I thought that was so cool… and if a man who is half Bigfoot is cool? How about A man who is than 1/4 Jersey Devil, a 1/4 Loch Ness Monster as well as part Bigfoot! Even cooler! MR: Following your other two collaborations, Karney and War of the Undead, when did you decide this book was the next book to pull the trigger on? WF: It’s actually something that took a lot longer to bring to life than I thought it would have…But when the producers on comic book men started saying AMC wanted to see a pitch to a publisher…that’s when the ball really got rolling. MR: You guys were able to launch this title in an amazingly unique way with a televised pitch session with Dynamite. I can’t imagine …Read More Here