Black Panther’s Pride: Return to Wakanda

Read through some of T’Challa’s most thrilling adventures on Marvel Unlimited to mark Black Panther’s 50th anniversary!

After revealing his origin story to his teammates in AVENGERS #87, T’Challa started on a journey home that picked up in BLACK PANTHER #8 by Jack Kirby in 1978.

Unfortunately for king and country, the heroic monarch stopped to help a shipwrecked boat that held two men who turned out to be treacherous mobsters. Thanks to their foolhardy attempts at hijacking a helicopter, they crashed once again leaving T’Challa with a much longer journey in front of him.

Back in Wakanda, the government attempted to figure out what to do with the menace known as Jakkara, a man exposed to Vibranium for too long who turned into a monster. To battle against this unexpected force, N’Gassi enlisted the help of T’Challa’s relatives: Grand Prix driver Khanata, young doctor Joshua Itobo, financier Ishanta and elder Zuni.

Though understandably skeptical at first, the quartet came together after Jakkara attacked them. To fully get in the spirit, each got a color-coated costume and used their individual gifts to stave off the threat of the Vibranium-infused villain.

Meanwhile, the one true Black Panther ran into a film crew in the desert while trying to not only get home but keep the remaining mobster alive. Eventually using the movie’s Star Wars-like special effects to create a distraction, Black Panther left his cargo behind with the production and escaped.

T’Challa’s family members did their best to stop Jakkara, but by not killing the monster, they allowed him to regain consciousness. Once he did, the beast made his way towards the Great Mound which sent off a shockwave that could destroy the Earth. Black Panther arrived just in time to stop his cousin.

Secrets of Wakanda

BLACK PANTHER #8 opens with a scene that’s become somewhat familiar to fans over the years: T’Challa taking the title from the previous Black Panther. You’ll remember that Klaw assassinated T’Chaka when T’Challa was a boy. Instead of taking over then, he traveled the world, meeting Storm along the way for the first time. Upon returning home, T’Challa put on a mask and fought the current Panther, S’yan, his uncle, who gladly handed the mantle over to his nephew.

Shuri teams up with everyone from Shanna the She-Devil to Spider-Man to stop Klaw in KLAWS OF THE PANTHER by Jonathan Maberry, Gianluca Gugliotta, and Pepe Larraz.