Black Panther’s Pride: King’s Crusade

Read through some of T’Challa’s most thrilling adventures on Marvel Unlimited to mark Black Panther’s 50th anniversary!

Christopher Priest continued to test T’Challa’s nature in the pages of BLACK PANTHER #2635 with art by Sal Velluto, Norm Breyfogle, and Jim Calafiore. This batch of issues kicked off with a reunion between the Wakandan king and his childhood sweetheart Storm after the events of Maximum Security.

While T’Challa attempted to clean up his realm, he ran afoul of Lord Ghaur of the Deviant Lemurians. Ghaur claimed the Panther held one of his people without reason and wanted the young woman returned. Due to some complicated political alliances between the likes of the Deviant Lemurians, Namor’s Atlantis and Doctor Doom, this conflict threatened to send the world into a war the likes of which it had never seen before.

Unfortunately, at this same time, T’Challa’s half-brother The White Wolf arranged for Klaw to return by way of Vibraxas, the young hero whose vibrational powers remained in flux at the time. As the Marvel Kings continued their conflict, Klaw did his level best to cause his own heaps of trouble. Thanks to some clever thinking by both T’Challa and Everett K. Ross, they silenced the drums of war. However, opinions toward Wakanda and its monarch remained less than high, especially after he nearly killed Klaw in front of a crowd.

More than anyone, though, Malice wanted to take a pound of flesh from T’Challa and would have succeeded if he hadn’t hired the likes of Dakota North to keep Monica Lynne safe. As you might expect, he also had his own intricate plan to stop the former Dora Milaje from killing other people he loved.

With the immediate threat of Malice snuffed out for the time being, the Panther then focused on Man-Ape’s rejuvenated plans to reinstate his clan, the Jabari. The would be leader also revealed the Queen, Panther’s latest Dora Milaje, as his cousin and also the blood-defined leader of their clan. This fight with Man-Ape ended with a huge cliffhanger as the villain unveiled the supposed original Black Panther suspended in a block of ice!

Secrets of Wakanda 

Between yesterday’s entry where we witnessed Man-Ape’s first appearance and this more modern one, we’ve gotten to know aspects of M’Baku, but far from the whole story. After his apparent death in AVENGERS #62, Man-Ape came back to life thanks to N’Gamo. He headed to America where he joined the Lethal Legion to take on the Avengers. He even joined up with the Masters of Evil to cause more trouble. After Priest’s run, Reginald Hudlin wrote Man-Ape into T’Challa and Strom’s wedding where a brief tiff with Spider-Man marked the event’s only altercation! Oh, and you might be wondering where he got those enhanced abilities. Well, he ate the flesh of a white gorilla.