“Black Butler” and “Fuji-Q Highland” Is One Hell of a Collaboration


Fuji-Q Highland, a family theme park situated at the base of Mt. Fuji, is teaming up with some devilish characters for the summer. In honor of the Black Butler film Book of the Atlantic, the series and the park will be collaborating for summer vacation. The collab was announced with some heart-pounding art:



During the collaboration, visitors to the park will be able to witness several Black Butler themed attractions. A horror walkthrough attraction (appropriate for ages 15 and up) will take park attendees on an adventure with Sebastian and Ciel. A second attraction, titled “Book of Highland,” can be experienced with headphones, featuring the voice actors from the anime performing a special new story written just for the park.


Photo spots and augmented-reality stamp rallies will allow park attendees with smartphones to collect art and snap pictures around the park.


And, of course, there will be a variety of custom goods to pick up at the park’s shops!



More info is available on the official collaboration site. The collaboration runs until October 1.


Source: Otakomu.jp




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