Big CronusMAX PLUS Update, Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB, and Akishop PS360+ Restock (Coming Soon)!

CronusMAX v1.20 Update Offers Full PS4 Crossover Support

Welcome to another edition of the FA Newsletter! This time, I’m pleased to announce a new product, soon returning favorites, and upgrades to existing products.  Let’s get started:

Game Changer: CronusMAX PLUS Firmware Update Removes PS4 8-Minute Timeout Reset

Cronus MAX Plus Multi-Console Conversion Adapter (2015 Version)

If you are a current owner of the 
Cronus MAX Plus Multi-Console Conversion Adapter (2015 Version), or on the fence about purchasing this versatile multi-console adapter, this announcement may come as very welcome news.  

Once thought impossible to accomplish, the talented team at Cronus managed to eliminate the need for 8-minute timeout reset in their latest 
version 1.20 firmware update.  They did this by allowing a normal 4-port USB hub to retain the authentication of an original PS4 gamepad; you connect the gamepad in one of the hub ports, and the crossover device into another port.   The hub then attaches to the CronusMAX.  

What does this mean to you?  The CronusMAX PLUS is now the first and only device without a PS4 security chip that allows for uninterrupted PS4 gameplay on unsupported Fightsticks, gamepads, and more!  Better, you can keep the hub and gamepad attached to the console, eliminating an extra step in the authentication process.  All you do is plug in your favorite fightstick into the hub port, and you’re ready to go.

Uninterrupted Two Player Matchups

Cronus MAX Plus Multi-Console Conversion Adapter (2015 Version)

The previous timeout reset trick worked specifically for single player campaigns and matches. This was a problem if when two players were connected to the same console – either when using a second authentic DS4 pad, or two CronusMAX devices. Instead of quietly resetting the timer, some games would instead return to the playstation home screen and request ownership. For tournaments, this was a deal-breaker; CronusMAX and similar devices could not be used.

With the new firmware and USB hub, two players – either using a CronusMAX and original PS4 controller, or two CronusMAX devices attached to two USB hubs – can enjoy a match uninterrupted.   

This new development puts Cronus closer to potential acceptance by EVO, and thus, many other tournaments.  I’ll keep you updated on whether there is any endorsement by EVO.

Now through November 30, save
$7.50 on the CronusMAX PLUS Multi-Console Conversion Adapter using coupon code GAMECHANGER. (Note: cannot be combined with another coupon code)

PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB

PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB

You might have heard of the term ”
StruggleStick” used a bit around FA’s social sites.  The idea behind a StruggleStick is to build a FightStick on the cheap, often using everyday items as an enclosure.  This can include a sturdy cardboard shoebox, a small suitcase, or all sorts of bric-a-brac. That said, finding a joystick controller PCB that works superbly, yet inexpensive wasn’t easy.

Increasingly, fighting games are making their way to the PC.  Those who aren’t keen on console exclusivity – which also extends to mainstream FightSticks – can enjoy those games without the requirements of owning the Playstation 4 or Xbox One, or concerning themselves with multi-console PCBs. Likewise, those who are looking to build their own MAME arcade cabinet have a number of options to control it, but until recently, none were inexpensive. At just
$11.95 The PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB offers the main components you need to get started on a PC Fightstick or MAME PC arcade cabinet, all at an entry-level price.

Here are some of the features and benefits of the Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB:

  • Plug and play- includes all needed wiring for joystick and 12 buttons, with no soldering or special tools needed (plan pcb placement accordingly).
  • Mode button toggles joystick input and POV hat switch input (useful for games or emulators that require one or the other)
  • Turbo function supported.
  • Tested and works natively on Sony Playstation 3 (no home button support, use DS3 to bring up home menu).
  • No special joystick drivers needed.

Two Configurations. Works with CronusMAX PLUS

PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB

You can purchase the Zero Delay Encoder PCB in two flavors. “Japanese Style Control”, includes a 5-pin harness for Sanwa or Seimitsu joysticks, plus .110″ terminal harnesses for 12 buttons.  “American Style Control” provides you with .187″ terminal harnesses – four that connect to a Suzo Happ or IL joystick, and the remaining 12 harnesses for buttons.  Everything connects to the main PCB for an incredibly easy install into your custom PC fightstick, or part of a single or two player arcade cabinet.

Internal tests found that the Zero Delay Encoder PCB works with the 
CronusMAX PLUS, allowing you to play some games using the basic controls, with remapping to work with other button functions.  The PCb provides an economical way to play on Xbox One and PS4.

Save 15% on the PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB now through November 30 using coupon code ZERODELAY (Note: cannot be combined with another coupon code)

When’s Akishop? Soon (Hopefully)

When's PS360+?

“When’s PS360+” was a bit of a running gag for us, similar to the tagline “When’s Marvel”. Our last stock of the popular Akishop PS360+ PCB was late July and like many of you, I’m patiently waiting for the next restock to arrive.  Our last communication with the company revealed that they could ship this weekend or early next week.  I’m waiting for a tracking ID to confirm. 

The long periods between restocks affect us, too.  It’s the most requested product in our restock notification system.  However, I’ve made my own adjustments and will no longer stock as many units of the PS360+ as I once did.  Before, FA invested heavily in hundreds of pieces that would last a few months, specifically because when stock would run out, none was available for months at a time.   Now, when the store runs out of stock, all I can do is ask if any more are on hand and ready to ship. If not, I’ll have to wait.  It’s no different than most stores that stock the PS360+.

Meantime, if you want to receive an email alert once restocked, please visit our Akishop PS360+ product page, and subscribe to receive a notification.

I’m continuing to find new, consistently available solutions for multi-console play.  For now, I can only say that I’m listening to suggestions and talking with sources to bring more products you’ll find worthwhile.

Closing Out

ATOW Prize Customized Razer Atrox Joystick

FA Plexworks continues as a labor of love right now.  I’ve created a system that should streamline some of the store listings, templates and instructions.  It’s very close to completion and launch.  Like anything, the start is always the most time consuming. It’s been a long, crazy ride for sure.

Last month as part of the Attack On Wakeup sale campaign, FA awarded a customized Razer Atrox and MadCatz TE2.  Winners could submit artwork, choose their buttons and balltop/battop, and more.  To your right is the submission from the Atrox Winner.  I hope it provides some inspiration of what you can create with your choice of artwork and parts.  Hopefully it also shows some of the quality output from the new printer.  It’s much better in person.

Before you ask about why the winner chose a yellow mesh balltop versus a Seimitsu yellow bubbletop to match the dustwasher, the honest explanation that the mesh balltop was the most expensive one offered in the contest, and would go towards another design.  Nothing wrong with that, but a lesson learned that if some people can exploit a giveaway, they will certainly try.

Going forward, I’ll just award the Fightstick. 🙂  


Jaleel Beck

Final Boss