Beppu City May Be Opening a “Spamusement Park”

Imagine an amusement park where everything is part of a spa. Roller coasters where the cars are individual hot tubs. Onsen buses. Having trouble visualizing it? No worries — the mayor of Beppu City made a video showing you exactly what a “Spamusement Park” would look like.



Beppu City is the onsen capital of Japan, with more than 2,500 hot springs — the second greatest number in the world, second only to Yellowstone National Park’s more than 10,000. The city is always looking to be on the cutting edge of onsen tourism, looking for new and interesting experiences for the tens of thousands of tourists they attract annually.


Mayor Yasuhiro Nagano states at the end of the video that, if it gets one million views, the city will go forward with the “Spamusement Park” initiative. As of the writing of this article, the video has received nearly double that. So can we assume that genuine spa-coasters are in Japan’s future? It looks like that may well be the case.


Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode




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