Become a Magical Girl with Your Own Sailor V Eyewear

Want to transform into a magical girl? Forget the brooches and contracts — Maison Sabae has made it as easy as slipping on a pair of glasses.



The creators of Sailor Moon have joined forces with the renowned glasses manufacturer to bring fans this new Sailor V eyewear. Modeled on the famous stylized red mask worn by Minako Aino in her Sailor V identity, these glasses are high-quality acetate and handmade. They’re not available in prescription lenses, but they’d be perfect for cosplay or just a stylish day out.


Become a Magical Girl with Your Own Sailor V Eyewear


The glasses are currently available to preorder from the Bandai website, and are expected to ship in March 2017. One pair will run you ¥16,200 including tax.

Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode


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