Become a Ghost Racer for ‘Marvel Mighty Heroes’

The Reality Gem lies sundered and Thanos and his ilk control the world. Players will need to defeat the Mad Titan’s lieutenant Corvus Glaive if they want to restore reality, and DeNA senior producer John King wants to help you put him down for the count! With Thanos’ newly shattered reality threatening to tear itself apart, where do our heroes find themselves now? What hellish new world are we fighting for?

John King: Our intrepid heroes find themselves racing the speed demon himself, Zarathos—I mean Ghost Rider!—on a track to oblivion. One of Thanos’ most trusted lieutenants is in charge of this realm where players have to race to survive. It seems like Thanos’ grip on this reality is slipping. Should be worried about what happens if the good guys win? What if things don’t go back to normal?

John King: Well, Thanos does have a few shards in his gauntlet and is not afraid to use them. There is a real possibility that things will never be the same for any of us! We’ve got a couple of cosmic heroes in the ring and one demon possessed stuntman ready to head into the ring. Quite a motley crew to challenge Thanos don’t you think?

John King: Hey, strange times call for strange measures. You say it’s a “motley crew” stepping up to challenge Thanos? I say that I have faith in Space Knight, Witch Hunter and the Spirit of Vengeance! Our boss is Corvus Glaive, one of the Mad Titan’s closest confidants. What do we have to do to take him down?

John King: Well, Corvus Glaive is a dangerous foe indeed but with a little help I think you all might be able to beat him. Venom—last week’s Leaderboard Reward—carries the kind of firepower normally only found on a tank, Angela uses her Witch Hunter training to expertly wield her spear, and Ghost Rider summons his motorcycle and burns rubber. How are our event characters going to help? 

John King: These heroes are all about taking and dealing punishment. Corvus’ glaive is truly an extension of his soul. With it he can attack in front [of] or all around him. Your team is about getting in close and showing him who is boss. And when can we start cutting Corvus down to size?

John King: Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! Head down to the track, grab some popcorn, place a bet on your favorite rider, and defeat Corvus Glaive for his shard of the Reality Gem!

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