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Congratulations to Kirsten Pingilley, our Anime Central 2017 Grand Prize winner! Anime Central

Anime Central was kind enough to fly her in from Detroit to record for the Aniplex USA dub of “March Comes In Like A Lion” with director Wendee Lee. While she was here, Kirsten got a full tour of the BZ studios, met with CEO Eric Sherman, Casting Director Mami Okada & Producer Sawako Furuya from Aniplex of America, and even got to spend a little time with fellow Open Auditioner Zach Aguilar!

During her recording session, Kirsten had fun exploring different characters, experiencing what it’s like to work as a professional voice actor, and learning about all the departments and people behind the scenes who bring these shows to life.

We’re so glad that Kirsten was able to record for us, and we look forward to seeing her career flourish! Thank you to Aniplex of America and Anime Central for this incredible experience! Congratulations again, we can’t wait to share your performance with the world!

#ACEN2017 #MarchComesInLikeALion #AnimeCentral #OpenAuditions #MCLL #voiceactor #anime #BangZoom #BTS #boothlife Congrats again to Kirsten Pingilley, the winner of the Anime Central 2017 March comes in like a lion Open Auditions!