Bamboo Shoot Looks Like an Angry Ohmu

We all know bamboo is pretty versatile when it comes to both construction and cooking — but it’s apparently also pretty good at cosplay, too:



The image, posted by user “Maabou ~The Non-Flying Pig~,” features a piece of peeled bamboo shoot. Most of the roots are cut off at the shop, and the spots combined with the remaining roots give the shoot the look of an Ohmu, the giant bug from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. As one used pointed out, the reddish color of the spots makes it look like an angry Ohmu specifically.



This is actually not an uncommon sight, though many people may not be familiar with it. Store-bought bamboo shoots that have had the roots trimmed do occasionally end up looking like this. So it may not be a once-in-a-lifetime find, but the person who actually spotted the resemblance and arranged the photo had a good eye!


Source: Otakomu




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