Back Washing, Fan Service Highlight Latest “Hand Shakers” PV

The upcoming GoHands anime series Hand Shakers is about dueling pairs of psychics vying against each other to face off against “God”… but the latest PV prefers to focus more on the ladies of each team in a 90-second advert that’s blushy, teary, and more than a little fanservice-y.


Hand Shakers PV (12.22 ver.) by pKjd

The series, directed by Shingo Suzuki and Hiromichi Kanazawa, takes place in near-future Osaka, where teams of psychics are known as “Hand Shakers.” The name refers to their ability to summon powerful weapons, known as Nimrodes, by joining hands. OxT and Akino Arai will be providing opening and ending themes for the series respectively.

Hand Shakers premieres next month.


Source: pKjd




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