“Back Street Girls” Anime Updates With New Information and Visual

Jasmine Gyuh’s Back Street Girls manga is currently being whipped up into an anime adaptation, and the official website updated with a new visual and additional information. Back Street Girls – Gokudols is set to premiere this July, with Chiaki Kon (Nodame Cantabile, Higurashi – When They Cry) directing and Susumu Yamakawa on the script at anime studio J.C. Staff.


Here’s the new visual, which Jasmine Gyuh illustrated: 


Back Street Girls follows a trio of yakuza who mess up a big job and are given two choices: Commit honorable suicide or seek out gender reassignment surgery to become a female idol group. Naturally, and much to their chagrin, the idol group becomes very popular after a grueling year of training. Now they have to keep raking in cash for their boss while concealing their yakuza identities. 


Via Ota-suke



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