Baby Seal Mascot Conquers Youtube in “So Many Sirotans!” Anime


Baby harp seal mascot character Sirotan is making an anime debut in a 24 episode short-form series entitled Sirotan: Sirotan ga Ippai! (“So Many Sirotans!”) that hits Youtube beginning on August 12, 2017. Described as a “soft and fluffy” story, the Sirotan ga Ippai! anime features the adventures of Sirotan, a baby seal who likes to nap and dream about many different relaxing activities.



Aoi Yūki provides the voice work for the Sirotan ga Ippai! series, while the theme song is provided by rock band Sankaiten to Hitohineri. The series will be available via its official Youtube channel beginning on August 12, 2017.


Source: Ota-suke


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