Manga Maker interview with Stu Levy (Diamond Previews)

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15 of Japan’s Best April Fool’s Jokes From 2016

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Why Virtual Dating Apps Can Help Real-Life Dating

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‘Terminator’ Writer to Adapt TOKYOPOP manga ‘Juror 13’

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Solid or Striped? Japanese Mythbusters Take On Anime Physics With Schoolgirl’s Skirts

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Japanese Mascots: Why Size Matters… When Traveling

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Male Teacher Cosplays As Female Characters, Gets Discovered By Own Student

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Netflix Teams With Studio Behind Ghost In The Shell To Deliver ‘Perfect Bones’ Original Anime Series

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Metal Gear Solid Creator Plans For An Anime-Inspiring Next Project

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The King of Nerd Krunk: Kadesh Flow and his anime Hip-Hop landscape

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Valentine’s Day and White Day: yes, things are different in Asia.

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International Comics Festival – ANGOULÊME 2016

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J.K. Rowling Announces Four Additional Wizarding Schools, Including One In Japan

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Odds Are Ever In Fans’ Favor As J-pop ‘No Dating’ Clauses Ruled Unconstitutional

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Take Your Cosplay from Inexperienced to Expert with this Cosplay Photo Tour

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Star Wars and the Japanese Connection

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Diversity in Film: the Elephant in the Room

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How Much Japanese Beauty Has Changed In 100 Years

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Demonically delicious: Sebastian of Black Butler becomes a BJD!

by Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-Hass Ball-Joint dolls (BJDs) are elegantly beautiful dolls made from modern plastic resin compounds. They are… Read More

Happy 2016 from Stu!!