Tiger & Bunny with Darrel J Delfin – Spoil It!

Spoil It! Superhero Darrel J Delfin – Actor/Voice Actor is NEXT in line to spoil Tiger & Bunny. Can he do it in under a minute? 🐯🐰
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My Hero Academia – LootAnime

This mighty Midoriya figure from @lootanime’s December crate looks like it jumped right out of the pages of #MyHeroAcademia, Vol. 11!

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Michael B. Jordan Gets Knocked Out By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Movie star Michael B. Jordan has the Midas touch with roles—from cult favorites like The Wire and Friday Night Lights, to films like Creed and Black Panther,… Your boyfriend: “Anime is lame.”
Michael B. Jordan: “IS THIS YOUR KING?”


The World Next Door combines some of the coolest parts of gaming and anime.

Mr. Osomatsu Season 2, Ep. 19

So you’re finally here Karamatsu Girls. Don’t worry, Karamatsu only plans on stealing your heart.

Watch #MrOsomatsu episode 19 for FREE ➡ https://buff.ly/2ofY9tL

Children of the Whales: Volume 2 manga review

@VIZMedia presents Children of the Whales Graphic Novel Volume 2, in which the denizens of the “Readers looking for unique graphic novels for young readers and teens will want the VIZ Signature title, Children of the Whales.” – ComicBookBin

Tokyo Ghoul: re, Vol. 3 – Bloodbath

How much blood must be spilled before Haise Sasaki accepts the ghoul within?

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