Super Dragon Ball Heroes Video Helps You Manage Your Fighters

Get used to the field of battle ahead of the card game’s launch

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission hits Nintendo Switch in the west on April 5, bringing plenty of potential card-battling strategies along with it. Check out some more early tips after the jump.

Multimedia Rap Project Hypnosis Mic Drops First Full Album

Anime boys rap for your amusement in new multi-disc set

Get tons of Hypnosis Mic goodness in one set! The multimedia rap battle project is releasing its first album next month, including a drama CD edition and a box featuring video of two of their live shows. Check out more info after the jump!

You Thought It Was a Nendoroid, But It Was Me, DIO

Stardust Crusaders Nendoroid is now available for pre-order

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fans will WREEEEEEEEE-ALLY like the latest Nendoroid from GOOD SMILE, featuring DIO as seen in Stardust Crusaders! The new figure comes with bonus parts and is available for pre-order. Check it out after the jump!

Get Your Shield Hero Manga Signed at Upcoming Shield Hero Event!

Get an early release of Volume 10 of The Rising of the Shield Hero manga at Kinokuniya San Francisco on April 6!

Get an early release of Volume 10 of The Rising of the Shield Hero manga at Kinokuniya San Francisco on April 6! Hit the jump for more information.

Kicking Off the Year Big with Crunchyroll and VRV at C2E2!

See what’s in store for the upcoming event, which runs March 22-24

Crunchyroll is heading back to C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) on March 22-24 this year at McCormick Place! We heard you missed us. ;P Don’t worry, we missed you too. But we’ll make it up to you with some cool Crunchyroll stuff going on at the show! Read on for more.

It’s Spring Break Time and We’ve Got 10 Great Bingeable Anime to Watch!

The temperature is changing, the birds are chirping, and it’s time for spring break! That means only one thing: binge-watch time!

Ah, you can feel the change of the seasons coming! The temperatures are rising, the birds are chirping, and the first official day of Spring is just around the corner, and oh, right, one last thing: Spring break! But what to do with your week off? Well, I’ve got a list of ten amazing shows that are perfect to binge watch as you welcome in the change of seasons, take a break from school, or just find yourself lounging around with your favorite streaming device. Curious to see what we’ve got? Get your favorite snacks and read on!

Moero Chronicle Hyper Makes Its Switch Debut in the West on April 26

Switch version is remastered in HD with new features

Idea Factory International narrowed down the western release for Moero Chronicle Hyper on Switch. The HD remastered version of Moero Chronicle is coming to Nintendo’s system with new features on April 26, so get ready for some enhanced dungeon-crawling next month. 

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s Free-to-Play Lite Version Launches March 20

Free version is coming to Xbox One and PS4 with a limited selection of content

Bandai Namco has a solution for players who have been holding off on getting into the full version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Those interested but unwilling to commit can check out a free-to-play version called Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Lite, which launches on March 20. Read on for more.

Kazuyuki Okitsu Recruited to Voice Fire Force Anime’s Karim Fulham

Second Generation Company Commander can generate ice through his musical instrument

In Atsushi Ohkubo’s Fire Force manga, Karim Fulham is a Second Generation Company Commander in Special Fire Force Company 1 who can generate ice through his musical instrument and his Thermoacoustic Cooling ability. Read on for more about the casting.

Koto Club Gathers in New Key VIsual for Koto Oto Tomare! TV Anime

Adaptation based on music manga by Amyu hits Tokyo MX and BS11 beginning on April 06, 2019

A new key visual has been published for Kono Oto Tomare! (“Stop at this Sound!”), an upcoming TV anime based on the music manga by Amyu about an unlikely group of students who find common ground in their love for playing the koto, a traditional 13-stringed instrument. Hit the jump to learn more.

Girls Pump Iron in “How much heavy dumbbells can you lift?” TV Anime Teaser

Adaptation of weight-lifting manga from the author of “Kengan Ashura” hits Japanese TV in July of 2019

Body-building is hard work in a new teaser trailer for Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? (known in English as How much heavy dumbbells can you lift?), an upcoming TV anime based on the weight-lifting manga written by Sandrovitch Yabako and illustrated by MAAM about a high school girl who discovers the joys of intense exercise. Hit the jump to check it out.

Is the Order a Rabbit? New OVA “~Sing For You~” Confirms Its Release in Fall 2019

TV anime third season is also in the works for 2020

It is officially announced in the latest May 2019 issue of Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirarra MAX released today in Japan that Is The Order a Rabbit?? ~Sing For You~, a new OVA from the anime franchise based on Koi’s slice-of-life four-panel manga is set to be released in the fall of 2019. Check out the OVA’s key visual drawn by the manga author after the jump!

Japan Box Office: Miracle Universe Marks Spring PreCure Film’s Best Opening

“Tonde Saitama” has crossed the 2 billion yen mark

The 26th PreCure film PreCure Miracle Universe was released in 229 theaters across japan on March 16, 2019. The 70-minute film ranked third in its opening weekend with 248,351,400 yen from the 221,579 ticket sales, which was the best opening box office gross for a PreCure film released in spring. Hit the jump for more details.

See What Original Resident Evil 2 Director Kamiya Thinks of the Remake

Bayonetta director soldiers on despite being afraid of horror games

The original 1998 PSone version of Resident Evil 2 had none other than the outspoken Hideki Kamiya in the director’s chair. So, now that the RE2 remake has been out for a while, what did Kamiya think of the final product? Find out after the jump!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Overview Preps Players for Intense Action

The latest out of Dark Souls dev FromSoftware launches on March 22

If FromSoftware and director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s past games are any indication, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is going to become life for some players when it launches on March 22. Check out a new gameplay overview trailer after the jump.

No Guns Life Manga Fires Up a TV Anime Adaptation

News made official in the pages of Ultra Jump

Tasuku Karasuma’s No Guns Life manga follows Juzo Inui, who has no memory of his previous life… or why his head was replaced with a massive gun. Now it’s getting an anime, so read on for more.

A Trip to the Past Reveals the Future of the Second Anime Season of Slime

Just who is this new mysterious character that will become tied to Rimuru? *SPOILERS CONTAINED*

As we say goodbye to the first season of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, we have been left with a mystery that will lead us to season two. Who is this new character that believes Rimuru will “lead him to the truth of this world”? Can we figure out what his motivations are and if he’ll be helpful to Rimuru from that line and his appearence in episode 24? Hit the jump to find out! *Spoilers Contained*

BanG Dream! and Gochiusa Team up for Spring Event

Is the order a girl band?

Adorable series BanG Dream! and adorable series Is the Order a Rabbit? will be joining forces this spring for a collaborative event! What do we know so far? Info is still coming out, but we tell you what we know so far after the jump!

J-Novel Club Announces Full Metal Panic! Novels and More

See what the publisher has in store for its latest releases

J-Novel Club kicked off a few days of new license announcements on March 15, building up to a final reveal of the Full Metal Panic! novels, which is a rescue title featuring a complete retranslation of all 12 volumes with the new cover art from Japan’s most recent release. Read on for more on the rest!

New Alarm App Offers Wake-Up Calls from SSSS.GRIDMAN Girls

Rikka and Akane will have new art and voice lines in -If your smile- app

Looking for a better way to wake up? The latest anime-themed alarm app will feature both Akane and Rikka from SSSS.GRIDMAN. Find out more about it after the jump!