Cuteness Overloads in Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! TV Anime Trailer

Japanese TV schedule revealed for upcoming adaptation of 4-panel comedy manga by Nanatsu Mukunoki

Animation studio Doga Kobo has dialed up the settings to MAXIMUM CUTENESS in a new trailer for Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! (“An Angel Swooped Down on Me!”), an upcoming TV anime based on the 4-panel sketch comedy manga by Nanatsu Mukunoki about a socially awkward college student who becomes smitten with her younger sister’s friends. Hit the jump to learn more.

CIRCLET PRINCESS TV Anime Trailer Explodes with VR Action

Adaptation based on DMM’s “fighting spirit pretty girl battle RPG” browser game hits Japanese TV on January 08, 2019

A new key visual and an action-packed new trailer have been published for CIRCLET PRINCESS, an upcoming TV anime based on the “fighting spirit pretty girl battle RPG” browser game by DMM that is set in a near future world where virtual reality combat sports are all the rage. Hit the jump to learn more.

TV Anime Girly Air Force 2nd PV Reveals More Dogfights, OP Song by Run Girls,Run!

Katsumi Ono (Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V)-directed anime will premiere on January 10, 2019

The official website for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Koji Natsumi’s sci-fi light novel Girly Air Force has started streaming a 90-second second PV introducing more dogfight scenes, character voices, and the OP theme song “Break the Blue!!” performed by three-member voice actress idol unit Run Girls, Run!. Watch the clip packed with new information after the jump!

My Hero Academia The Movie to Get 4D Screenings in January 2019

The film has become the tenth top-grossing anime film in the US

The official website for My Hero Academia The Movie: The Two Heroes, which was originally released in Japan this summer, announced today that time-limited 4D screenings of the 96-minute film will begin in select theaters on January 11, 2019, under the title “4D PLUS ULTRA Screening.” Check out the trailer and the manga author Horikoshi’s message after the jump!

Aikatsu! Idol Ichigo Hoshimiya Becomes Super Cute PC Cushion

You can see the actual item at Tokyo Anime Center’s exhibition before release

As reported, Bandai’s official online store Premium Bandai has been releasing PC cushions inspired by various characters from popular anime series, such as Osomatsu-san, Himouto! Umaru-chan, Kemono Friends, and many others. The line’s latest character is Ichigo Hoshimiya, the protagonist of the first half story of Bandai Namco Pictures’ idol-themed TV anime Aikatsu! Check out details of the super cute item after the jump!

Check Out OP/ED Song Anime MVs for Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash New CD Box

A-1 Pictures-produced TV anime is available on Crunchyroll

The official website for the 2016 TV anime Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash has posted two anime music videos for “Your song” and “Our song,” the OP and ED theme songs to be featured in the forthcoming three-CD set “Grimgar, Ashes And Illusions ‘ENCORE'” to be released in Japan on January 16, 2019. Check out the newly-edited clips using anime footage after the jump!

Ojamajo Doremi Shop Returns for The Third Time in Winter 2019

The official Twitter for the magical girl anime’s 20th anniversary project also opens

Following the very successful first two, Toei Animation announced today that the time-limited pop-up shop dedicated to its Ojamajo Doremi anime franchise will open for the third time at Ikebukuro P’PARCO in Tokyo and Namba Marui in Osaka from January to February 2019. Check out the key visual newly drawn by the anime’s character designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi (HeartCatch PreCure!, My Hero Academia) after the jump.

CRAFTER’s Even If The World Ends Tomorrow Film Releases Full Trailer with Theme Song by Aimyon

Veteran voice actor Toru Furuya (Amuro Ray in the Gundam series) serves as narrator

The official website for CRAFTAR’s forthcoming original feature film Ashita Sekai ga Owaru to shitemo (Even if the world ends tomorrow) has started streaming a 90-second full trailer introducing more of its story details, the characters’ battle scenes, and the theme song performed by 23-year-old singer-songwriter Aimyon. Watch the latest clip for the highly-anticipated full 3DCG film after the jump!

Crunchyroll Adds Hozuki’s Coolheadedness 2 and RIN-NE 3 to Anime Catalog

Plus new regions for The Dragon Dentist!

Following yesterday’s addition of Girls Beyond the Wasteland and ClassicaLoid 2 to the Crunchyroll catalog of anime, a pair of additional titles have popped up today as well: Hozuki’s Coolheadedness 2 and RIN-NE 3! Read on for full details!



Dear AniTwitter: The Voice of Sailor Moon Has Joined the Brawl

And she really wants to talk about herbal tea

Whether you know her as Sailor Moon, Misato, or The Legendary Tae Yamada, Kotono Mitsuishi has arrived on Twitter! The voice actress is “trying something new” after celebrating her birthday. Check out her early posts after the jump!

The Holidays Hit DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE!

Get ready for some exciting updates, Gacha pulls, and so much more this holiday season in DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE!

Get ready for some exciting updates, Gacha pulls, and so much more this holiday season in DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE!

Kaito Kid Steals the Spotlight in USJ’s Detective Conan Attractions

New mystery events will tie into upcoming Case Closed movie

Detective Conan World at Universal Studios Japan is getting a Kaito Kid-style makeover! New escape games and attractions will be themed to the upcoming film The Fist of Blue Sapphire. Check out previews of the new attractions after the jump!

Cowboy Bebop Café Returns with “Heaven’s Door” Movie Theming

Session 2 starts today at Animate Café

The Cowboy Bebop collab café is coming back for a second round! GOOD SMILE and Animate Café are teaming up to bring fans new menu items inspired by the series and its film, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. Hit the jump to preview the menu!

The Idols of Zombie Land Saga Get Their First Rolling Stone Cover

The girls of Franchouchou to be featured on bonus poster in upcoming Rolling Stone Japan

Has Franchouchou finally hit the big time? Rolling Stone Japan will be including a Zombie Land Saga poster in their Christmas Day issue, featuring a magazine cover for the living-dead band. Check out a sample of the art after the jump!

Get Schooled on Japanese Culture and Language in Tokyo School Life

Latest educational visual novel will also teach basic language skills

Want to level up your Japanese and learn more about life in Tokyo? Tokyo School Life is coming to the Nintendo Switch this Valentine’s Day! Watch the release trailer, and learn more about the upcoming game, after the jump.

A Somber Journey Begins in Dororo TV Anime Trailer

Adaptation of unfinished supernatural manga by Osamu Tezuka will be digitally distributed on Amazon Prime Video

A melancholy new trailer has been published for Dororo, an upcoming TV anime based on the unfinished supernatural manga by Osamu Tezuka about a young man during the Warring States period who attempts to reclaim his original body from 48 demons with the aid of a weaponized prosthetic form and the help of a young thief. Hit the jump to check it out.

English Made in Abyss Trailers Preview U.S. Anime Film Screenings

Sentai Filmworks shows off the subbed flicks ahead of 2019 release

Sentai Filmworks will be releasing both Made in Abyss compilation films in the United States next year, and a couple trailers recently arrived to hype up the screenings. Read on for more.

Time-Slip Romance is Bewildering in Meiji Tokyo Renka TV Anime Trailer

Japanese broadcast schedule revealed for upcoming adaptation of otome game by Broccoli

A jazzy new trailer has been published for Meiji Tokyo Renka, an upcoming TV anime based on the otome romance game by Broccoli about a high school girl who becomes the object of affection for a bunch of handsome historical figures when she accidentally time-travels back to Tokyo during the Meiji Era. Hit the jump learn more.

NieR: Automata’s 2B Touches Down in SOULCALIBUR VI Next Week

Bandai Namco sets a December 18 launch for the DLC character

If you’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of NieR: Automata lead 2B in SOULCALIBUR VI, you don’t have much longer to wait. Read on for the latest details from Bandai Namco!

Anime vs. Real Life: Chihayafuru

Check out the real-world locations of Chihayafuru

The long-awaited third season of Chihayafuru is finally going to air next April, and we’ll once again be able to follow Chihaya on her path to the Omi Jingu Shrine, the karuta world’s most prestigious venue. Learn all about the show’s most iconic real-world location, and check out more than 75 anime to real life comparisons, right after the jump!